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Independent Thinker

Eon is a Sr. product designer based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in South Korea. She received her BA in Visual Communication Design, and Masters in Human-Computer Interaction & Design at UC Irvine. Her expertise is in interaction design with extensive experience in visual & motion graphic design across multiple digital platforms. As a UX designer, she strives to understand users’ goals, desires, and preferences, and wants and needs when it comes to digital media.

Information Architecture 0
Interaction Design 0
Motion Design 0
UX Content Writing 0
User Research 0
Visual Design 0
My career journey

Product designer based in Los Angeles, she leads UX design on several key features for TM1 Enterprise platform & Point of Sales app at Ticketmaster. Prior to that, she led design for Oubly as a founding member, a custom printing e-commerce, crafting every visual aspect of their brand from scratch.

Ourside of my work

Eon likes to go out into the world and capture its beauty and weirdness. She is working on illustration story book for children and adult. By drawing she loves to share her imaginary world with her son. Eon also likes collaborating and chatting over a good cup of coffee, so get in touch or recommend a coffee shop.


Ticketmaster / Sr. Product Designer
MSC Software / UXUI Designer
Oubly / Lead UXUI Designer
Color OnDepand / UX Designer
Novica / Freelance UX Designer
Elite Color Technologies / Web & Print Designer